Legal services provided by our dog bite lawyer

Dog bite injuries can be severe and traumatic, depending on how they take place. Find out how our lawyers can help you claim compensations. Reach out at:
1 Legal services provided by our dog bite lawyer
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2 Working with a lawyer is important in dog bite cases for the victim of the attack to be able to claim compensations from the animal’s owner.

3 According to the California Civil Code, the owner of a dog is liable for damages if the victim was bitten in a public place or was lawfully in a public place (including the dog owner’s property) when the injury took place.

4 The legal services provided by our dog bite lawyer focus on proving that the victim is entitled to claim compensation under the California dog bite statute.

5 Seeking proper medical attention after the bite is important, especially is the injuries are severe and require stitches or sutures. This step is also essential for claiming compensations.

6 The medical report will include information about the nature of the injuries as well as their extent and it will be used as evidence when working with our lawyers.

7 The victim can claim compensations for the medical costs relates to treating the bite injury and any future medical costs. The settlement can also include compensations for lost wages, if applicable.

8 Our dog bite lawyers can also help you claim compensations for non-economic damages, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, a common psychological effect after traumatic events.

9 Dog bite injuries can take place as a one-time event, even if the animal is not particularly aggressive. Our dog bite lawyers in Los Angeles can help you understand your rights as a victim as well as the legal duties of the owner.

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