Legal & VA Abuse is a form of PTSD, a diagnosis in the DMSV5 caused by administrative trickery. .

Congratulations. The Legal [and VA] System are now responsible for causing a preventable health issue recognized by the DMSV5. It is a billable injury. It is real as my entire family has it. The injury is well known and caused when a person is repeatedly dragged back into court on false allegations, perjury, fabricated/manufactured lies. In our case, these false allegations are designed to delay, dismiss and deny our RICO, 1983 KKK and Privacy Act Violation case. The Court system is so corrupt that the case is allowed to be dragged out for years, the person is in constantly emotionally and mental turmoil. They are taken advantage of due to abuse and injustice. And they have all the same signs and symptoms as someone who has PTSD. Again, it is no secret that the abuse is by designed.. The injury is listed under domestic abuse.

Source: Youtube