Hi there friend,
Thank you very much for popping over. So whats it all about then, Well, Primarily! I’m an Ex-soldier who suffers with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and since finding out, getting help to get off the streets, and in putting my life back together, i decided to share my journey.
But i still need support, help, and an audience, to for-fill my ultimate goal, of becoming an actor, and still spreading the word about mental health
So if you want to know more about PTSD, Mental Health, you live with mental health issues, or your the partner of someone who suffers, then this is the channel for you!
I also believe in “Escapism” and the places we go, within our own minds, to get away from the real world. Sci-Fi, Fantasy, gaming, all of it. I my self, like superheros, Star Wars, Wizards and Elves to name but a few, and of course, for me, acting is a form of escapism. So im looking to spread the word on mental health, as well as becoming an actor

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