Leicestershire Army veteran with PTSD considered suicide after Jeremy Kyle show appearance in 2016

A Gulf War veteran suffering from PTSD says he considered suicide after being ‘made to feel like a scumbag’ on the Jeremy Kyle Show.Fergus Kenny, 49, agreed to go on the ITV programme in 2016 after his estranged daughter Hayleigh said she would take part in a reunion show.He turned up at the studio expecting an emotional reunion with his daughter but says it quickly descended into a ‘kangaroo court’ where the host accused him of abandoning his family.Mr Kenny, who served during the Gulf War and in Iraq and Bosnia, was mercilessly booed and branded a ‘disgrace by the presenter. The father-of-three says he felt extremely low after going on the show and considered taking his own life. He wants to share his story following the death of Steven Dymond – 10 days after he appeared on Jeremy Kyle.

Source: Youtube