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Rhythm Changes Musical Education – Haiti

Let’s make this happen!!!

A major earthquake, with a score of 7.2 on richter scale hit Haiti this past weekend, causing serious damage. I will match donations up to $150. I am an eighteen-year-old, if I can find money to donate, so can you. Skip buying coffee one day this week and send that $4 to Haiti instead. Every penny counts. A donation is a donation, no matter how big or small. As we are still amid a global pandemic, the best thing to do is to donate funding to help those delivering emergency medical aid. Haiti holds a very special place in my heart, as I was lucky enough to be able to go in August of 2019 with Rhythm Changes. 2019 was an extremely difficult year for me. I was struggling in every way imaginable. After one of my friends committed suicide, I stopped playing music. I hadn’t played music for over a year before going to Haiti. Somehow, the opportunity to travel to Haiti fell into my lap, and my mom and I jumped at the chance. I was excited because I love to travel, my mom was excited because I would be playing music again. Going to Haiti saved my life. It reignited my love of music. It showed me that music connects and empowers all people, regardless of where one lives or believes. The rhythm changes music school is described on the website as, “a beacon of light in a world of darkness…” and to that, I have to agree. Music heals. Music saves. Music brings people together. Music is power. Music is love. Thank you, Haiti for reminding me what music is all about. After returning from Haiti, I began to pick up my instruments again, especially in times of emotional distress. The freedom of expression. I remember feeling a sense of freedom I had not felt for a very long time. I have continued to play and write, but now it is a daily occurrence.
This past March, I was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. Music has been such an important method of healing for me, allowing me to vent about my feelings and create beauty out of my pain. If I hadn’t gone to Haiti, I doubt I would’ve reignited my passion for music in time. I will do all that I can to support during this time of need.

P.S. don’t come for me I know the quality is not professional but that’s because I am not a professional film maker. Thank you. Love you all.

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