Let's talk UX #2 with Jonathan Lovatt-Young, Principal Experience Strategist at Love Experience

Let’s talk UX #2 with Jonathan Lovatt-Young, Founder and Principal Experience Strategist at Love Experience


• over 25 years of experience in digital
• built and designed websites before people had specific roles
• mostly worked at agencies like Tribal, Accenture, some client roles
• wrote a book on service design and participation

• wrote a book on service design and participation
• how groups construct a service that generates participation
• practical guide/playbook based on his experience

• addiction to quick wins
• mental health in the workplace, constantly under the cosh
• how designers can influence the culture and the environment

• good vs. bad examples of culture
• service towers work well on their own
• creating wellbeing, driving engagement, enabling co-creation

• age of digital, age of responsibility, age of automation
• post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in the workplace
• responsible use of digital, macOS Catalina

• bottom-up change towards age of responsibility, CSR initiatives
• revenue opportunities, shareholder and employee responsibilities
• social, physical, creative activities promote wellbeing
• building communities that want to interface with brands

• dealing with dark patterns in the age of responsibility
• customer experience index (CXI), cross-selling and retention
• making the financial argument for good experiences

• UX designers and UX researchers benefit from business savvy
• convincing leadership with business cases
• evidence of commercial opportunities

52:52 (Q&A)
• How can a designer make an impact in a company which has a revenue-target sort of mindset?
• When is the mind site going live?
• What do you see as the future of branding in a world where service experience is becoming more and more important?
• Favorite resources?
• Parting words?

• https://www.amazon.com/Oxytocin-Organisation-Playbook-Participatory-Experiences/dp/1686079494
• https://uxliveconference.com
• https://www.healthyminds.services/
• https://www.amazon.com/Pirate-Inside-Building-Challenger-Organization/dp/0470860820
• https://go.forrester.com/blogs/12-05-22-outside_in_the_power_of_putting_customers_at_the_center_of_your_business/
• https://www.amazon.com/High-Performance-Thinking-Skills-Complicated/dp/0955270006
• https://www.amazon.com/Webs-Influence-Psychology-Online-Persuasion/dp/0273772953


Source: Youtube