Life After Prison – Post Incarceration and PTSD during the COVID-19 Pandemic | Ceasar Rodarte

Meet Caesar Valentino Rodarte. He’s 34 years old and from San Diego, California. At an early age, Caesar was raised in a broken home. He was neglected by his drug-addicted mother, abused by his father, and forced to look to the streets for a purpose. His childhood was rough, to say the least, and through a series of heartbreaking situations, Caesar found himself in prison. Life after prison is never easy, and now with the added layer of the COVID-19 pandemic, it makes re-establishing himself in society nearly impossible. Financial insecurity, mental illness, and battling addiction and negative influences are just some of the hardships that face the recently incarcerated. Caesar is trying to do things the right way, get his life back, support his family, and be a voice for change. Please donate what you can to help Caesar and his family.

Source: Youtube