Life Beyond PTSD: How Nia Gave Me My Body Back | Heather Leah Huddleston | TEDxWilmington

Heather Leah Huddleston suffered from painfully paralysing PTSD — her body was either so tense that it shook, or so out of her control that she embodied self-harm. She did everything she could think of to get through it — studied world religions, engaged in talk therapy, and sought the outlet of challenging her body, even becoming a yoga teacher. But in this last effort, she realized that she was embodying the separation between her self and her body — the IT her body had become. Finally, she was led to NIA, a dance therapy, by her chiropractor and dear friend. Heather describes how it freed her, and how one of its differences from yoga is in its freeing undulations, leaving nowhere for the painful emotions to hide.

Heather Leah Huddleston has an MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College and is a certified Nia teacher (white belt) and yoga teacher (RYT-200). Her work has appeared in the Listen to Your Mother (Baltimore) show, as well as Reader’s Digest. She believes in the power of story and dance to heal the body/mind/spirit and has used both to help heal her own chronic pain, depression and PTSD. Heather writes, dances and teaches in Baltimore, MD, where she lives with her family.

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