Life of a SOLDIER: [S01: E09] – “Living with Anxiety & PTSD”

🚨 *NEW Docuseries ALERT* 🚨 “MissDreeks: Active Duty Diaries “Life of a SOLDIER” tell-all videos are here, and I am SO EXCITED for you to follow me on this journey. Although it won’t be pretty at times, I’ll share my real-life experiences in the military (as a Soldier) to help you navigate through and hopefully not make the same mistakes I did.

Living with Anxiety and PTSD is not freaking fun bruh. I try my best to be happy everyday, but today just wasn’t my day.

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• T I M E S T A M P S •
0:00 – Intro: How I’ve been letting depression and anxiety get the best of me
4:43 – Why you gotta choose to be happy
5:19 – Thank ya’ll for 15,00 subscribers!!
7:01 – singing “Studio 23” by Summer Walker (in the shower)
7:28 – now accepting PRIVATE MESSAGES and CALLS
8:47 – #storytime #grwm | how a subscriber pulled me out my depression
20:29 – how I prep my detox water
21:32 – I’m starting an Intensive Outpatient Program
25:00 – my mental health, as it related to my career
27:05 – The JAB was just approved
27:32 – #storytime I was just diagnosed with Anxiety

I hope you learned something from my “Life of a SOLDIER: [S01: E09] – “Living with Anxiety & PTSD” video!

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