Light In the Darkness Recovery Trailer, A Mental health Awareness short film

How would someone know you have PTSD? You can’t see post traumatic stress and it’s important to know that this unseen experience inside of us ebbs and flows with experiences and exposure to trauma in life. This Light In The Darkness “Recovery” Trailer-A Mental health Awareness short film
The Light in the Darkness Experience is a mental health awareness organization within the Conscious Content Collective. Light in the Darkness, the film and book are an anthem of hope, awareness and education about mental health, trauma and PTSD. There is a profound healing experience that can happen with the benefits of doing the hard work to heal.
This film can provide the roadmap of what PTSD really is and how you can receive these real stories from real people from all walks of life and connect with them in an intimate and inspiring way. You too can be a light in the darkness.

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