LIVE ACTION post traumatic stress emotional (panic) attack from suing my hometown’s county officers

My name is Kelsey Wilson. My middle name is Loren.
I am afraid every second to exist in the place where I am from. Where I grew up. Where I am forced to reside in torture and heartache. I am compassionate, and I respect authority and even tradition. I always complied with orders they demanded, which is my one and only regret to feel bitter about thru this entire process.
He sexual assaulted me, verbal assaulted me, taunted & abused his authority against me to make my character match his opinion of my resistance of his hands on me. I will include my legal words later as this went on for over a year and a half. He came to my house with buddies (parents house, shining flashlights thru my windows. He laughed in my face as he groped me, he was so sinfully smug at the only court session I’ve appeared with him (thus far) that I immediately broke out into tears. Go forth, his buddy, helped Wilkey and others in Hamilton county stalk and parody my Instagram (part two coming tonight with receipts)
He said things like “no one is or will ever be proud of you.” And “your father God knows how you act and you’re a lying slut.” And “if you were saved, your real dad wouldn’t be sick or denying you love.” Or he would unstrap my bra, grip my stomach, have his partner show up on the scene to take a photo as their own “gag” and then get away with it. I plead with the judge after getting a cannolis charge. I plead with the JUDGE AND DA regarding these mean and their CHARACTER AND ACTIONS – only for it to fall on rolled back eyes and deaf ears for months on end.

lost, discovery & other procedure bypassed for the benefit of my abuser and abusers. They continue to haunt me behind every headlight in the night or day, and anywhere I walk, my skin crawls, waiting for a man with a badge to come take advantage of his power (and apparently mine?)

for this is an example of psychological scarring & post traumatic stress disorder. In my case, specially brought hell thrust upon myself from officers Daniel Wilkey & his four to six friends and Chattanooga(Hamilton county Tennessee) . Never knew my first post would be an OG YouTuber’s “worst nightmare!”
mine lacks that of an apology. Just sounds of sexual assault surfacing with the spring.

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