Live w/Jack Merry Creating music and art. Daily life w/ PTSD, anxiety, depression, ocd, bipolar.

Hanging out trying to create a 3rd LED chandelier. With you love and warmth it helps me I suffer from severe social anxiety, severe depression, severe PTSD, severe separation anxiety, multipolar, bipolar, OCD and so many mental issues make life hard but here WE are. Rearranging my Studio talking about life, join me. We are going to set up my nano-lights too. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I live in Medford, MA..USA…There is no therapist for me they say. From that I have opened this channel for all who might be in the same position. I love to cook and don’t normally make music but am right now. I Will paint soon.

In studio live at the original Selfie stick cafe. #selfiestickcafe #thejackmerry

Source: Youtube