Living with CPTSD During a Crisis with Anna Runkle

Returning to the show is Anna Runkle, the creator of Crappy Childhood Fairy, an online resource for understanding and healing from CPTSD related to chronic childhood experiences. In Season Two, we learned about Anna and her work after a listener wrote in and recommended her processes. As a childhood trauma survivor, Anna brings a perspective from the trenches and methodology that has helped her for over twenty years slow the spinning of the hamster wheel in her head as well as for others. In this episode, Ameé and Anna talk about how the current worldwide climate of the pandemic can be impacting those who have CPTSD and introduces some strategies for managing it.

Recorded on the morning of May 25, 2020, we both had no idea of what was yet to come later that day and the days following with the death of George Floyd, and thought the COVID-19 situation would be the most significant event for people to deal with.

In this episode, you will hear:

The distinction between PTSD and CPTSD
The relationship of CPTSD and health disorders
What are emotional flashbacks
Why we must be accountable for understanding our symptoms and guiding our own healing
How healing is about becoming lucid of our experiences and what is happening with us in the moment
Anna’s process for healing and living with CPTSD


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