Living with my bipolar and my PTSD this is my good day today.

I’m not an expert on bipolar or PTSD I’m just a guy who has both who tries to deal with it all the best I can.
This is one of my rare great days and one where I’m feeling great but yet it’s not due to being manic thank god!
A majority of the time I have great days like this during full moon and full moon periods so with that and the fact that I did some pretty heavy praying last night, this has been a productive non depressing day so far and for that I’m grateful!
Staying on my meds praying and trying to be easy on myself are times when I do have good days. But even with that there are some days (many unfortunately) to where none of that works and I’m completely lost and off so to speak, and I’ve always wanted to do videos talking about my bipolar and PTSD But everytime I try to sit down and do them sometimes my situation turns and it’s hard for me to do something like this if I’m in a bad place, but I think it might be helpful for me. So I wanted to start now on my good day while it’s fresh on my mind to get in the habit of doing this.
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Thank you so much!

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