Locked and Loaded 24 Hours in a Box – Brian “Tosh” Chontosh

Spartan Up ep 216
Imagine 24 hours locked in isolation in a completely dark shipping container competing to see who can run the furthest on a TrueForm treadmill. Retired United States Marine, Major Brian Chontosh (aka “Tosh”) and three others (John Witzing, Josh Chessman, and Isaiah Vidal ) accepted this challenge to raise awareness around mental health with the Whiteboard Project’s LL24h ( https://www.thewhiteboardproject.com/24-hours-of-isolation ). The recipient of one of the highest military honors: the Naval Cross- Tosh, has shown unmatched fortitude in combat and combating the stigmas around post-traumatic stress. Jump in the shipping container with us as we learn how to “suck a little less each day.”

In this episode, Joe Desena interviews Tosh before he enters the shipping container, and then all 4 athletes the moment the box is unsealed.

You are what you advertise
Do a lot with very little
Surround yourself with great people
Want “in” on the hardest things
Do things you don’t want to do
Identify your limits and expand your horizons
Prove things to yourself, know your limits & strive beyond them
Measure your effort, but against the right things
Always do the BEST that you can in EVERY moment
PTS vs PTSD: traumatic stress as a normal reaction vs a disorder
Don’t believe your own bullsh*t
Walk humbly, absorb, think, question.
it’s not about having the right answers – it’s about having the right questions
Take ownership – kill the excuses!
Rationalizations are just excuses in a fancy package
Break down big problems to small problems & utilize small solutions
Stay process oriented
Focus on the task at hand and that will lead you to the target
Suck less today then you did yesterday 🙂

LL24h ( https://www.thewhiteboardproject.com/24-hours-of-isolation

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Time Stamps:
0:00 intro to episode
1:18 Athletic Greens
1:48 Interview begins
2:00 Marine background
3:00 The Navy Cross
3:40 shipping container challenge | Whiteboard Project
4:45 What is a strong mind
5:40 The need to do things you don’t want to
6:00 Dr. L’s advice
7:10 The burden of command
8:30 Truth of looking yourself in the mirror
9:15 Competitions in life
11:00 Mental Health Awareness
12:00 PTS as normal & natural – not a disorder
12:40 Athletic Greens break
16:27 Interview continues
16:45 barriers of knowing & bullsh*t
17:30 Not about answers- It’s about questions
20:00 Rationalizations are just excuses in a fancy package
24:00 Reductionism: breaking big problems down to have small solutions
26:00 How to suck a little less
28:00 Keep your eye on the task at hand
29:18 The panel gets ready to break them out of the shipping containers
29:35 Shipping containers opens
29:50 Tosh’s reaction to 24 hrs in darkness
32:00 The four Whiteboard Challenge participants men’s reaction
41:00 Sefra, Angle, Johnny & Joe discuss the interview
47:30 AthleticGreens.com/Spartan

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Hosts: Joe De Sena with Johnny Waite, Sefra Alexandra, and Col. Tim Nye.
Synopsis – Sefra Alexandra
Production Assistant – Andrea Hagarty

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