*Explicit* Trigger Warning* Domestic Violence* PTSD*
I am running out of time! I need a lawyer for a high conflict divorce and services for my family. I need a lawyer experiences with covert narcissists and domestic violence trauma. Anything will help. We have been paying for an alternate “safe house” location for 2 years and are in need of a lawyer to help resolve this case. STATE OF MISSOURI

I am sharing, yet trying to protect our identity for the sake of our children. If you know who we are, please just help us…share this… please do not reveal us. We want to make certain we have a safe ending.

If you have questions, I can provide additional proof and details. Again, I am trying my best to shield our children from any additional trauma. You are welcome to email for additional details or if you are a lawyer that can provide services. We have been in a safe house for nearly two years. I’m in need of representation in rural MISSOURI and services support.
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