Louwdown: Official Trailer

AVAILABLE ON 5 JUNE 2020 – Only on www.howler.co.za/thelouwdown
What if your world changes in 1.5 seconds? What did life look like before those seconds, and more importantly what would life look like during and after theses seconds. The Louw-Down (on depression) takes a deeper look at the life of entrepreneur and actor, Louw Breytenbach, who has been battling with depression, anxiety, his struggle with homosexuality, eating disorders as well as his attention deficit disorder since an early age. Years later, post traumatic stress also added to the long list of ailments that separated life from fiction after a horrific accident claimed the lives of three people.

There are more than 264 million cases of depression worldwide, and in South Africa more than 700 thousand people with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are struggling for very few people receiving treatment or support. The Louw-Down examines the origins of depression, the types of depression and the effectiveness of medication as well as the use of holistic approaches to the disease by putting sufferers of various forms of depression under the lens.

We bring parents, friends and family together in a documentary that will also turn the lives of others as it compels the viewer to introspection… because in the end, it is a story everyone can relate to.

Source: Youtube