Lu Jaysoo – “PTSD” (KrashdummyTay REMIX)


U was acting stupid but I knew it too
If I ever catch u gon get put right on da news
I remember when we was broke never had food
Never fw my daddy but now he m missing u

Ion fw these niggas cuz they be acting gay
We was thuggin in da streets free dat boy ray
But ion do dat trappin shi not tryna catch a case
I remember they used to laugh at me and spit in my face

Never knew I was finna be on dat rap shi
But it’s better den doing dat trap shit
I’m finna make it out and dats fax bitch
u a broke bitch go pay some taxes

U was my dawg but da fukk nigga switched up
Fukk Tj dat nigga got bitched up
But u wanna fukk now cuz I’m next up
I ain’t tory but we shout for da neck up

U can’t hold a dollar ion trust u
NWA I’m a nigga wit attitude
u a rat tryna take money wit gratitude
I’m stuck in dis life like a statue

Source: Youtube