Macy and Jacqueline Show S2 – EP2: Macy's post traumatic stress disorder

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In November 1, 2004, 17 year old antic girl named Macy Andersson is diagnosed Post-traumatic stress disorder, known as PTSD, but she is suffering depression in August 2002, she is 15 years old, and then, Jacqueline and Friends are protects Macy to calm and stops Toby and Friends, Nope, because Jacqueline and Friends are committing Fegelein’s antics and Macy starts plastic surgery in November 4, 2004.

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TAGS INCLUDED: Macy Andersson and Jacqueline Wong (main protagonists of the Series), Michel Schneider (Macy’s boyfriend) and Hermann Otto Fegelein (Jacqueline’s boyfriend) (main deuteragonists of the Series), Claude Schneider (older brother of Michel Schneider) and Hans Georg Fegelein (younger brother of Hermann Fegelein) (main tritagonists of the series) and Anthony Cutlass Sr. (father of Jerry and Toby Cutlass) (main protagonists of Episode 2), Toby Cutlass (main antagonist of the Series), Jerry Cutlass (oldest brother of Toby Cutlass), Adolf Hitler, Inglourious Hitler (known as Fake Hitler) and Roger Sims (Macy’s bully) (main antagonists of Episode 2), The Last Ten Days Hitler, Goebbels, and the Generals (known as Deputy Police Commissioners)

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