MaKhia Bryant:Reaction to the 9 Second (Justified) Kill Shot

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Since I’ve been writing at Cali.FM I’ve covered different police involved shootings every week and truth be told it’s happening so regularly it seems like there is a deadly shooting almost daily. So, I like many in the Black community are feeling somewhat traumatized, discouraged, outraged – you name it. WE are sick and tired of it all.

I believe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder has kicked in, to the point that every time someone gets shot, the protest and rally mechanism kicks in and we are ready to condemn the police, even before knowing the facts. People are ready to condemn any and everyone on GP (general principles) EXCEPT the Individual, who in this case In my opinion was responsible for the outcome.

YES I said it Makhia Bryant’s actions led to her death in the fatal shooting, which in my opinion was JUSTIFIED.

Source: Youtube