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🔑 Start: 12. März 2021 auf AppleTV+
🔑 Genre: Drama | Laufzeit: 2h 21 Min.
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Cherry has a promising future ahead of him. After graduating from school, he goes to university and meets the love of his life, Emily. However, their young happiness is not to last long. When Emily breaks up with Cherry, he joins the army – a decision he regrets only a short time later. After his training, he is sent to Iraq. The horror of war leaves Cherry with deep wounds. After returning from Iraq, he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and becomes addicted to drugs. Along with this come money problems that turn him into a criminal. To pay his debts and buy new drugs, Cherry robs banks. He cannot escape the vicious circle.

❌ Tom Holland
❌ Ciara Bravo
❌ Jack Reynor

❌ Joe & Anthony Russo

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