Making Time – Artists Self-care Retreat Learnings

This Making Time – Artist Self-care Retreat was held at Fairbridge WA, in August 2018. Here are some reflections from artists who attended.

It is clear that artists and artsworkers who are working in regional and remote, complex community settings, are often at risk of stress, trauma, post traumatic stress disorder and burn out. This is especially so for artists and artsworkers who work in relative isolation and are engaged in projects in remote and regional indigenous communities, asylum seekers and refugee communities who have experienced war and torture and communities affected by the impacts of natural disasters.

This is an issue not only for artists and artsworkers but also for organisations who are contracting workers to deliver socially engaged and community projects and outcomes, often under short time frames, limited resources and within contexts where the communities are experiencing high levels of complex trauma.

Managing experiences of burn out, exhaustion, mental health, fatigue and post-traumatic stress symptoms is the focus of the Making Time: Arts and Self-care program.

This video was developed at the Making Time – Artists Selfcare retreat WA 2018, a partnership between the Creative Recovery Network and Community Arts Network.

Source: Youtube