Making Triggers Work FOR You

No longer at the mercy of your triggers. Empower yourself and gain control over your triggers. Trigger Tactics is a digital course designed to help you effectively manage your emotional triggers.

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Trigger Tactics presented by Lux – Living, Loving, Letting Go LLC is a digital course with over 12.5 hours of video content devoted to the successful management of emotional triggers. Content includes Mindfulness, breath work, grounding, cognitive restructuring, behavioral conditioning, effective journaling, talking to yourself, and so much more! Learn how to manage your triggers so that not only are you not bothered by them, but can actually enjoy them. Bonuses include 20+ page “Guide for Finding a Therapist”, “Journal Journey” prompts PDF, and Wallet Helper; so, you can take your tools with you.

Experienced educator and mental health professional Adrienne M. Dafcik combines her professional experience with personal experience managing triggers. Ms. Dafcik does not just talk the talk, she also walks the walk. Ms. Dafcik infuses the course with humor, compassion, and honesty. This sensitive subject matter is handled with respect, and the topics are delivered in an easily digestible, “human” format.


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