‘Man’ Who Got PTSD by Firing AR 15 Says Kavanaugh Daughter ‘Fair Game’

“It felt to me like a bazooka — and sounded like a cannon.” This is how journalist Gersh Kuntzman once described firing an AR-15. The small caliber rifle left him with what he called “a temporary form of PTSD” due to the volume of the gunshot.

Mental scars weren’t the only injuries he sustained that day. The recoil from the rifle “bruised” his shoulder. A few shots from the rifle were seemingly all it took to break Kuntzman, who mused “it doesn’t take any imagination to see dozens of bodies falling in front of your barrel.”

AR-15 rifles are most commonly seen in either .223 and 5.56, with both calibers being similar to each other in size and performance. Compared to other cartridge sizes, these two are on the smaller end of the scale. The low recoil and ease of use is why the AR-15 is a favorite for young shooters after they master firearm basics on a .22 rifle.

The man who mustered the courage to fire an AR-15 is now targeting Brett Kavanaugh’s 10-year-old daughter as “fair game.”

Kuntzman gave the green light after a controversial political cartoon skewered the child.

In the cartoon, the prayers of Kavanaugh’s young daughter are mocked.

Chris Britt, the artist, justified his attack on the child. “Kavanaugh is the one who ushered his own daughter into the national conversation by telling us his story,” Britt said.

Although Kavanaugh’s emotional testimony did include the story of his daughter’s prayers, it was meant to show the strain on his family, not to open another target for the rabid left.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what’s been happening.

From using them for political props after shootings to outright attacks and mockery, children receive no quarter from the modern left.

And honestly, you shouldn’t be surprised at this behavior.

The American political left attacking an actual 10-year-old is the same one that advocates the wanton murder of fetuses via abortion. If unborn babies don’t have a right to life, why should Kavanaugh’s daughter get special treatment when it comes to political mud-slinging?

It isn’t too far of a jump, either. Two people, Britt the cartoonist and Kuntzman the marksman, have both attacked a girl before her eleventh birthday in a twisted crusade against her dad.

If this is the left’s version of equality, I want no part in it.

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