Managing anxiety and being triggered with PTSD. Sunny – part 1

My name is Xanthe Wyse.

In light of the increased anxiety with the coronavirus pandemic, I have been making some more videos about managing anxiety. I have anxiety as part of bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), social anxiety disorder. If not managed, this can turn into panic attacks.

Some anxiety is completely normal and expected with a pandemic. Anxiety is contagious though. Your kids will feel it. The arts have a place in helping people’s mental health. Colour in, sing with your kids, dance etc.

Avoid bad news if you’re prone to anxiety. Limit your social media.

Chronic, high levels of anxiety can lead to various health problems though – physical and mental health problems (such as depression).

I use music and movement and creative expression (no matter how imperfect) to help get the energy out and manage the anxiety.

I actually get triggered in this video. It’s quite subtle as I mask it but near the end when I told you who Sunny is (me with music), I went into a hyperarousal state and nearly burst into tears (tears is not a bad thing but it was very sudden). I have the shutdown presentation of PTSD so it may not be a very dramatic and obvious reaction when I am triggered (although sometimes it is). My trauma psychologist can see it though when I am quietly triggered.

I made another video shortly after showing how I processed that hyperarousal which quickly turns into anxiety if I don’t discharge it.

So please see part 2 which I will upload after this video (where I use music, dance, singing to help).

Source: Youtube