Manipulating, lying, abusive behaviour. Domestic violence. PTSD

My name is Xanthe Wyse. Diagnosed bipolar 1 disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), cross-discipline, 2 countries, psychiatrists and psychologists.

I am a disabled woman, yet am the target of sustained abuse and blamed for what went wrong in the final year of my marriage, resulting in a breakdown from all the stress. I have been stalked for 6 years, after being screwed over, manipulated into signing over everything, including the house, otherwise I could not have visits from my son.

I was granted legal aid in Australia, the lawyer said to apply for an AVO for domestic violence. Domestic violence isn’t exclusively hitting. My ex did not hit me. He did however abuse me and intimidate me. When he charged at me in a rage, I thought he was going to kill me. I was raped in front of him and he did not stop hit. He insisted on the group sex but the lie is that I did. It is still domestic violence. I had a breakdown the day before the court hearing because it was too triggering. My ex is a popular guy and I am not believed. I have never named him publicly.

Recently been a target of sustained public attacks with gossip, lies and libel. I am no longer hiding those who out themselves. The recent flying monkeys abusing on behalf on my ex were his sister, Justine Rogers, screenshot and deleted and blocked and my former employee, Julie Grafton (Julz).

The most prolific attacks were from Julz. I previously considered her to be a friend. What often happens in divorce is a mutual friend will side with one side. Despite seeing how distressed I was in hospital, she sided with my ex after I told her about the domestic violence. As, often is the case, friends and family of the offender won’t believe it. Incredibly, all the blame has been placed on me, with multiple lies cooked up.

I practically gifted her my former pet sitting business, Home Petz, which now looks nothing like it was. Website isn’t even up. I destroyed the award (yesterday’s video). Julz even lied that I had paid $500 for it. I have over 50 screenshots of her crap this past week.

Another lie is that she got the blame for anything that happened. Some clients wanted her fired. It was expensive as I had to give clients some free visits to smooth things over. It was also a hazard as she took her son and if he had been injured, it would have been my fault. I regret ever having employed her or selling her the business for a pittance.

She has believed a pile of gossip my revengeful ex and his wife cooked up. Lied and abused me on their behalf. Pathetic.

I will not hide the abusers anymore as they out themselves.

Both Julz and Justine dead named me. I still get triggered when see my former name unexpectedly. I was in fight/flight for hours. I get triggered into elevated mood then there is a crash. I recorded one of the crashes saying how affected. I did not detail the suicidal ideation. Julz still mocked on there.

My former married name is Miranda Flemming. The lying flying monkeys have put it out there with all their lies.

No empathy. It’s disgusting. The legal system is pathetic too. I was granted legal aid but it feel through when I had no choice but to leave the country as I was homeless. Julz even lied that I changed my name to escape Centrelink debt. Centrelink did not help me as I am a New Zealand citizen. I changed my name because of trauma.

I founded Oz Kiwi, which is now a registered charity run by volunteers. I founded it as I felt vulnerable but am no longer involved with it. My ex-husband and Julz got their citizenship inexpensively through a loophole found by Oz Kiwi.

It has been very stressful dealing with all this crap. My ex got everything and the lying, manipulation and abuse continues. I get called a bad mother. I don’t hear from my son much. I love him very much. Unfortunately, he is surrounded by this toxic bunch.

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