Marching Alone – 2013 (Short film) Military PTSD

Sgt. Michael Rose, a war veteran and now door-to-door salesman, fights to cope with being discharged due to Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. His loneliness and lack of motivation push him to a psychological dark world to face his biggest fear. Himself.


Jeremy Johnson and I put this together on a spurt of the moment deal. I had just bought my first Glidecam and Canon L lens and wanted to try them out. I had never really used a glidecam in my life!

That night I came up with the premise of the story and passed it along to Jeremy to see if he wanted to make a short film with me. We put the unscripted idea together that night and decided to embark on our own 48 hour film. The next day we started shooting.

The original idea was to shoot it as a silent film and test our ability to tell a story with just visuals. Entering into post-production, we had a few buddies watch it and they loved it but thought the 2 characters we gay lol. We then decided to make a small narration to relay the story a little more clear.

Almost all of the foley and sound design was completed by Jeremy Johnson.

After a few weeks off and on of editing, here is our improved 48 hour film! ENJOY and SHARE!

Source: Youtube