Mary Magdalene Meditation for Greatness and Freedom

Intergalactic Channel is a sight for star beings!

Seed of Light Jewelry is for your creative destiny, prosperity/wisdom and protection.

​Spirit Baby Blessing is a sight for connecting with the soul’s journey of a child and how parents can better support their baby’s life on Earth.

Cherokee Female is a sight for Native American teachings on culture of women.​​

Mama Bear Motion is photography for inspired living.​​

Movement Modality is a kundalini awakening practice for deepening creativity.​​

Yoni Joy is a safe haven to learn sacred sexuality for female empowerment, female sexuality and relationship harmony.​​

Create Child Courage provides classes for all age children for self expression and self esteem.

Mama Moon Magic is a sight for manifestation practice and soul uncovering.​​

Quantum_XG is a sight for channels of intergalactic origins, providing healing and knowledge for alchemy.​​

Womb Blessing is a sight of female empowerment for learning the virtues of a strong woman.​​

Resonance Ritual is a prayer and blessing practice for a more meaning, profound and deep relationship with self.​​

Mana Wahine is a Woman Dharma Study for Female Empowerment. It is a practice of creativity to develop virtues of the femme consciousness.​​

MA Frequency are paintings of light beings that better support creativity and prosperity.​​

Soul Reinvented is a Daily Redefining Meditation Practice for unlocking love, money and inner child libations for better circulation of creative energy.​​

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