Mask Off Accepting Anxiety, Depression & PTSD – Bradley Fleming ] Episode #3 Part 2

What’s up guys welcome back to The Harris Health And Mind Podcast.

This week discussion is based around my guest Bradley Fleming’s personal experience with Anxiety, Depression and the effects mental health has not only on our physical being but also our internal wellbeing.

The podcast once again is original and wanted to keep it as fresh and possible with plenty of information regarding Bradley’s treatments and experiences he’s had.

I will list timings of potential parts of the Podcast that people may like to skip to if looking to find a particular bit of information. I will also add links to the sites where you may be able to help someone who may be going through there own personal struggles or even for yourself.

If this information resonates with you, please use it and share for others. Blessings to you, Reece.


* 8Mins – Links between Football and Anxiety
* 27Mins – First Signs of Anxiety & Depression
* 33Mins – PTSD Flashbacks & Deep Depression
* 35Mins – Thoughts on Suicide
* 38Mins – Intervention & Help Through Ex Girlfriend
* 48Mins – Travelling & Escaping
* 50Mins – Anti Depressants
*53Mins – Overdose
*104Mins – Other Treatment Methods
*109Mins – Talking Therapy – J.K Rowling
*114Mins – Personal Depression
*120Mins – Releasing The Mask
*125Mins – Connections and Social Media
*135Mins – Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
*140Mins – Guided Body Scanning To Help
*143Mins – Acceptance of Trauma
*147Mins – Starting Charity Marama Foundation To Help Young Adults
*153Mins – Direction & Purpose
*204Mins – Food & Links Between Mental Health
*214Mins – Stopped Drinking Alcohol
*218Mins – People Develop & Grow
*221Mins – Accepted Anxiety & Depression
*229Mins – Deep Connections With Friends
*234Mins – Advice & Numbers For People To Use

Links to Research and Treatment Bradley has used and found helpful as discussed in the Podcast.… (TMS Treatment)………

If you have found value in this information please share the podcast with everyone via Social Media. It may just be that one person who comes across this information that needs it.

Peace, Reece.

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