Mass_shootings_leave_emotional_and_mentally scared. We live in a society now where being a victim of #gun violence is a real and scary fact. A trip to Walmart, a night at the movies, sending our children to school, and even attending church service can make any one of us a possible victim or fatality of a #mass shooting. Many people argue that stiffer #gun control legislation needs to be put in place. I disagree. Shall Not Be Infringed. We the People have a Constitutional right to bar arms. The problem isn’t with guns or lack of gun laws. The problem is with humanity. People today have no empathy or compassion for their fellow man. We turn a blind eye to bullying in our schools. We walk past the homeless man with no warm coat. Not even giving a second thought to where he may servive the night. We ignore our coworkers sudden change in behavior. Telling ourselves it’s not my business to get involved. We sit silent listening and watching the couple next door. As the man beats and belittles his wife. We have taken the mind set that if it isn’t happening to me it’s not our problem. We have taken GOD outta every state and federal building. Out of schools. We no longer wake up on Sunday mornings to get our family’s ready do you can all attend church service as a family. We don’t pray together. Hell most family’s barely even eat together at the dinning table. Most parent woke two and three jobs. Having no choice but to neglect our childrens emotional needs. We have raised spoiled, selfish, lazy, cupcake babies. Who think that it’s the end of the world if they don’t get the newest PS4 game or The newest Jordans. We have taught our children that there are no real consequences for there wrong, inappropriate, and in most cases criminal behavior. Media glorifies gangs, rape, death, and gun violence. So again it’s not guns or lack of gun laws that are to blame for mass shootings. It’s humanities lack of respect and our no fear of Gods wrath. America needs to repent. And turn back to God. Or maybe it’s to late and we are all doomed.
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