Massage for PTSD. Jaw massage. Leg and Abdominal massage.

This is the last part ( part 10) of Dave’s second treatment from last week. He is coming back today for his third treatment.
During this part of the video I continue to massage his feet and legs and then do his abdomen and finish off with his face and jaw again.
Dave has been suffering from PTSD from his time in the Queensland police ten years ago. He had to investigate a lot of brutal murders and gruesome suicides during that time in Queensland’s roughest city of Logan.
The Queensland government does not look after police who have suffered from PTSD in an effective way and so many police officers are left with emotional and mental health problems. The stress of the police force led to the dissolution of Dave’s first marriage and he hadn’t seen his 6 sons in 7 years.
Unfortunately the bodies that are supposed to be looking after health in Queensland such as the Office of the Health Ombudsman have the wrong priorities and waste taxpayers money trying to attack therapists who are helping the people of Queensland with their psychological, emotional and physical health rather than actually use their resources to help people suffering. Such an abuse of taxpayers money.
The Queensland government neglects its responsibility to look after people that have served the state in such difficult circumstances and then attacks the people that are trying to help those people, rather than support them. And Queensland calls itself the “smart state.”
Dave said to me that the government has an attitude towards its police officers that they are expendable. I find this attitude atrocious.

Source: Youtube