Did Sony purposely stop Everquest players from beating the game? Find out on this episode of Game Fiction!

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Game Fiction #12 – Massively Multiplayer Oddities
Originally Released November 12, 2017

1. Richard Garriott – the creator of the Ultima series – was killed by his own fans. – FACT (sort of)
In 1997, Origin held a server stress test with its beta users. To get more players on the server, they announced that Lord British himself (Richard Garriott) would be joining as well. While most players went to Lord British’s Castle in Britannia, Garriott visited Castle Blackthorn where less players had shown up. One of those players was Rainz. Lord British was supposed to be invincible, but due to a recent server reset, his invulnerability had been disabled on accident. Rainz was a thief and pick pocketed a Fire Field Scroll from a nearby player. He cast it where Lord British was standing, killing him. Developers panicked and started killing all nearby players, but Rainz was smart enough to get away in time. When the devs figured out who was behind the murder, Rainz was banned from Ultima Online and all future Origin World Online games. In 2004, Origin Systems was shut down by EA.

2. A gamer shipped himself across the United States while playing Lord of the Rings Online. – FACT
In 2011, performance artist Jordan Wayne Long shipped himself from Arkansas to Oregon playing LOTRO. He put himself in a shipping crate with some water, protein bars, and his gaming PC powered by multiple batteries. The trip took about a week. Due to high shipping costs and the legal issues with shipping a human across the county, Jordan had his friend drive him in the back of her utility van. He claimed it was a study on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) but said he doesn’t suffer from the disorder himself.

3. It took 3 hours for 180 Everquest players to slay the game’s final boss. – FICTION
But it did take 3 hours for Sony to ruin their attempt. On November 15th, 2003, 3 powerful guilds joined forces to take on Everquest’s final boss: The Sleeper. After more than 180 players spent 3 hours and 15 minutes in grueling battle, their giant foe suddenly vanished with 26% health remaining. Word quickly spread that the despawn was ordered by higher ups at Sony. Allegedly, The Sleeper wasn’t ready to be a part of the game’s story yet, even though the players were able to fight it. The following day Sony released an official statement apologizing for their actions, confirming they had stopped the battle and explaining that they did so because they thought players were engaging the boss in an unintended manner. Regardless of what the real reason was for the interference, players once again attacked The Sleeper 2 days later, and after a lengthy battle, he was defeated.

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