May is Jewish Heritage Month, part 2 | My Grandpa's JEWISH?!?!?

00:00 — How do I fit into this, besides the Protestant fascination thing? Btw, that was real: trying to learn Hebrew; picking some favorites from Moses’ laws & incorporating them into our own legalism (no shellfish, please); practicing the numerous Hebrew names for “El Elyon” 😉 to name a few… but by far, the biggest aspect of the Protestant obsession with Israel comes from the New Testament’s most cryptic book, the Revelation to John on Patmos (aka REVELATIONS), where it promises Jerusalem & its temple will get rebuilt before Jesus’ supposed 2nd coming. (Quick Side Note: If Jesus was to return, the Bible says it would have been before Jerusalem was destroyed by the Romans & cleared of all inhabitants) So, essentially, X-tians are using the Jews to help ensure their own salvation, with probably little concern for the Israeli people or their Jewish religious traditions. Modern Israel offers more progressive living than its neighbors & USA (LGBT)
01:55 — Now, my mother’s father told a very interesting story to the family when he was in his 80s (I was in high school), almost like a confession as he entered his later years. His mother, so my mom’s dad’s mom, left with her children & husband the city of Amsterdam right before the Germans invaded the Netherlands & the Gestapo began rounding up Jewish residents (remember Anne Frank, they could have been neighbors, even schoolmates for all I know). The VanLeirop children split up between various options in Great Britain, the United States, & the American military for my own grandfather, who became Peter X VanLeirop (no middle name) at the age of 18 as he enlisted with dual-citizenship (his father was an American business man & church-builder) using his multilingual skills to translate for the Allies in Morocco & Algeria. The story goes, within a week of leaving Amsterdam, he heard word that the Gestapo came looking for his own mother, my mom’s dad’s mom, whose maiden name was Hamel, a typical Jewish name sought after by Nazis
03:50 — Possible explanations:
1) Wolff/Hamel family were Sephardic Jews expelled from Spain earlier & then eventually choosing to live as non-religious or convert to X-tianity, as some Jewish Europeans that married X-tians did.
2) The entire VanLeirop story with the American business man & church-founder aspect is made up to cover a much more Jewish heritage for immigrants weary of the “not-so-American” side-eye.
3) My older grandfather lied due to his own Protestant fascination with Jewishness & potential guilt for not having been able to do more to stop Holocaust’s impact upon his former neighbors.
05:20 — Something about oppression & trauma do things to people psychologically, though, that seems relevant to explore. While conditions like BPD tend to have biological vulnerability components to them (something related to nervous system effectiveness), others can arise merely from the presence of unprocessed trauma during formative years. Large-scale oppression, like anti-Semitism, racism, homophobia, etc. certainly qualify as trauma, and with fear & stigma often growing about the targeted markers after these historic wide-spread atrocities, that trauma goes severely unprocessed! Besides PTSD, if these occur early enough in life, antisocial, borderline, & narcissistic personalities will develop in large numbers of those growing up in continuous oppression, as simply coping & survival skills. Lying, hiding aspects of one’s identity, & acting duplicitous become important habits to ensure a continuation of traditions in next generation. So, none of above explanations would surprise me… Nor would I be surprised if my mom’s dad was never the best at exploring & discussing his emotions surrounding WWII, with his grand-kids, his children, or even his wife.
08:55 — Interestingly, folks who develop narcissism often detest drawing negative attention to themselves with controversy, meaning all the more that children learning to look & act “European” & not “Jewish” might more easily eschew aspects of their identity deemed unpleasant (like a Jewish heritage). Replacing it with whatever’s popularly “good,” like missionary X-tianity in Asia, especially after “the Allies won the war” against the immoral heathens. Conversely, psychopathy (the trait underlying antisocial personality disorder) often draws individuals to detest norms they see as hollow or unfair, meaning that these kids, when vilified for their Jewishness, would double-down & possibly militantly practice their Shabbat traditions in defiance of cruelty or discrimination, even potentially becoming martyrs for the “Jewish cause.” Lastly, Machiavellianism develops among those learning that rules can be gamed to strategically gain benefits not available to those playing more consistently; so, joining the Allies’ army to assist liberating Nazi-conquered lands in Europe & the Middle East sounds perfectly understandable for those with borderline.

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