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Mcan is a reliable and popular cryptocurrency in Europe and is currently used to buy shares of companies. Several companies have already been acquired with MCAN. These companies operate in the pharmaceutical, renewable energy, and company which deals in the sale of microspheres. Microspheres are using to: to transport drugs inside the body to selected tissues as diagnostic tests, as materials with special mechanical properties, as materials with special thermal insulation properties – e.g. in the form of concrete additives for paints, varnishes, and cosmetics with an iridescent effect their basis, printer inks, and xerogels are created.
In collaboration with medican coin Greece ltd, Mcan will be used as a settlement currency in the future. Medican ltd has a license to grow medical marijuana in Greece, where a plant will be built.

The company specializes in renewable energy technology, energy-efficient construction and holistic medicine based on medical cannabis, improving the quality of daily life, as well as the standard of care for patients.
Through collaborations with leading companies in the renewable energy and BIO sectors, Medican Ltd invests in the development and use of the most advanced green technologies from the renewable energy sector.
Through the construction of a photovoltaic power plant, Medican Ltd is investing in the production of clean, low-emission electricity that will be fed into the National Energy System. A system that will contribute to the energy independence of local public institutions and residents, and thus the possibility to reduce the cost of energy received so far from external suppliers.

Medican Ltd through its activities also offers to MCAN communities innovative solutions for energy-efficient construction based on passive and energy-efficient homes and installation of infrared surface heating in both households and public buildings.

In addition, through collaboration with groups of scientists and advanced manufacturing technologies, with the active support of the scientific community and research on innovation Methods of holistic treatment of severe neurological diseases, Medican Ltd develops areas of natural medicine, which, until recently, were not available in many countries, including Poland.
The goal of the research is to improve advanced technologies used to treat, among others, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, post-traumatic stress syndrome, HIV/AIDS and many other diseases. chronic diseases, with herbal products containing CBD in order to improve patients’ quality of life and relieve their pain.
LLC “Medican” has high-class building plots, in total they have more than 1 million m2 of land, properly prepared for development, surrounded by woods, and located on Lake Volice. Currently, you can invest in a plot MCAN separated in the first phase of 10 hectares of land located in the picturesque surroundings of Putrek. 25% of the value of each plot will be put on sale for MCAN coin.

25% of the total value of the investment will be offered for sale for MCAN coin. The minimum investment threshold is 500 MCAN. The rate currently adopted is 1 MCAN = 1 USD, which will be adjusted accordingly with an increase in the price of MCAN on the stock exchange.
Dividends from investment profits will be paid to you in full in MCAN coins, which will accumulate the benefits of the investment and provide a permanent income from MCAN.
Dividend payments will be made every 6 months, in proportion to your contribution to the investment. The exchange rate at the time of dividend payments will be accepted, and the tokens designated for dividend payments will be redeemed from the exchange.
If by the time construction of the MCAN Photovoltaic Farm begins, all 25% of your investment is not sold for an MCAN Coin – Black Pearl SA will buy back the remainder of your investment for an MCAN Coin.
Medican Ltd will burn 50% of the MCAN tokens from your investment. The remaining 50% will be frozen for 5 years.
The solar power plant allows you to generate your own free electricity from solar energy.
A favorable billing system with the power plant, the so-called rebate system, guarantees high savings on electricity bills, and therefore allows you to almost completely protect yourself from your existing electricity supplier.

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