Meditation for sleep Powerful Relaxation


Meditation for sleep Powerful Relaxation Hypnosis

#Meditation #Sleep #Relaxation #Powerful video and sound for you to unwind, Follow the sounds and embark on a journey with me floating in the skys. Meditation reduces insomnia by 50%. #Mindfulness meditation reduces post-traumatic stress disorder by 70%. #Practicing meditation for only four days can already increase your attention span. The main motive of 76% of people who practice motivation is well-being. Meditation in a span of six to nine months can reduce anxiety levels by 60%. #People who practice meditation are less likely to suffer from heart diseases. Mindfulness meditation relieves back pain by 30%. Meditation lowers blood pressure for 80% of the people who practice it. #60% of people who practice meditation find that it improves their energy, while for 50%, meditation aids in their memory and focus. Meditation reduces depression relapses by about 12%. Meditation involves the practice of calming the mind and enhancing your senses for improved awareness of an object of focus, usually one’s breathing process. By implementing a series of breathing exercises, the mind and body experience relief from stress and anxiety. This makes meditation one of the most-sought practices for people who wish to improve their mental health.

#Please only watch or listen if your in a safe environment. This is to help you relax your mind and body.

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