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Born with natural extrasensory (psychic) gifts (such as clairaudience, clairvoyance, channeling and more) and higher spiritual awareness, Becc always held deep sense of Spirit mission and desire to help others Remember the Love of the Universe that she simply Knew as Always.

Surrounded by the Love of her Spirit Guides and deep connection to Spirit, Becc still suffered unimaginable cruelty as a child, born into a family who practised Satanic Ritual Abuse, child prostitution & pedophilia. Becc suffered psychological, sexual and physical torture, traumatic and spiritual abuse on a daily basis. Even through these horrendous experiences, Becc was able to hold onto the Love she Remembered that those around her had deeply forgotten.

It was around the age of 16 that Becc was finally able to begin the long process of exiting the cult and disconnection from her perpetrators. In the years that followed, Becc experienced severe post traumatic stress disorder, dissociation and a host of other complex physical and mental challenges. In recovery and transition to normal life, Becc soon realized that the extensive and complex nature of her trauma meant that common therapies and self development exercises were limited in their capacity to truly create lasting Wholeness within.

It was not until Becc surrendered her entire Healing process to Spirit, in a moment of both Sacred Awakening and human desperation, that what can only be described as Miracles began to happen to her. As each wave of often unspeakable pain rose up for healing, Becc let go into Surrender and Trust in Spirit.

Since 2012, Becc uses her human experience of both suffering and transformation to help others Remember their innate capacity to Heal through Spirit and that Who They Are is truly Love. Becc offers her wisdom through one-to-one Unfoldment sessions, YouTube videos and blogs that share the Magick, Power and Innate flow of Love and Grace is within us all. Becc’s YouTube channel freely shares Healing Songs of Remembrance (Light Language Sound Healing), Guided Meditations, Sacred Teachings and Energy Medicines. Becc’s Unfoldment sessions are a powerful ascension pathway to living a Life of spiritual purpose, deepened psychic ability and inner peace.

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