Mental Health 2021 Theme of Hacking the Nervous System for Mental Health

Your mental health 2021: The theme here is that your mental health is influenced by your nervous system. There are easy ways to adjust your nervous system to improve your mental health. Dr. Don Russell shows you some ways your can calm your activated nervous system for more calm and better mental health in the pandemic.

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I am Dr Don Russell, Psychotherapist, Trainer and professional speaker on the topic of trauma, vicarious trauma and trauma recovery. As a Psychotherapist, Speaker, and Trainer, I am passionate about helping people break free from old thoughts, feelings, memories and body sensations that are legacies of trauma and painful experiences. For 25 years I have been learning more and more about trauma and its impact of the body, mind and spirit of people. And I have been bringing what I’ve learned to help people because at the end of the day I want to make the world a little better where I can.

The great news is we more more than ever before about what really works to recover from trauma- not just cope with trauma. I am passionate about spreading the news that there is life after trauma and I love to help people get their lives back from trauma.


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