Mental health awareness week 2021, my journey with PTSD a vlog

*This comes with trigger warning for PTSD and CPTSD, of you are at a point you can’t handle hearing someone else’s journey then this may not be for you. I talk about how covid or more the effects of being disabled during covid and shielded during it caused this crash or relapse if you prefer that term. I however don’t discuss the original cause of my PTSD.*

Please know help is always available and if your really struggling with a mental health crisis call your primary medical team which have different names depending on the country your on. There are also amazing helplines available here in the UK, the samarations are reachable on 116 123 and they are 24/7. Elsewhere there are helplines too, please do look if you need them.

My Instagram blog is linked to this today as well so pop on over, its all about why I share this kind of story.

The artwork is not only up at the end of the video but also on Instagram as I stated, and available on redbubble if you want prints.

You matter and remember it’s okay to be not okay.

Stay safe and well guys xxx

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