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Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD after a traumatic brain injury is often a side effect from your concussion. Click here to learn more:

Dr. Fong explains in this video how to navigate mental health issues after a concussion. Mental health issues often accompany post-concussion syndrome and are often one of its symptoms. Dr. Fong explains what to look for, how to deal with mental health challenges, and the treatments possible to get you feeling back to normal.


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Want more information on Post-Concussion Symptoms? Check out this blog post:

00:00 Mental Health Issues After a Concussion
00:11 Personality changes after a concussion
00:40 You are not alone!
01:27 Common Mental Health Struggles
01:42 Depression
02:04 Seek Help!
02:37 Anxiety
03:09 PTSD
04:10 What causes it?
04:52 Do MRI’s see this?
05:38 Other Contributing Issues
06:19 Treatment Options
07:28 What Cognitive FX does
08:01 Please Remember!
08:46 Recommended Videos

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