Mental Health Monday – Feat. Guest: Shimmersing on PTSD, Suicidal Ideation & Hashimoto's Disease

Words To Your Mother: RELATEABLY UNFILTERED talk show interview with featured guest Shimmersing – from November 258, 2019. We talked about her personal story & experience with PTSD, suicidal ideation & Hashimoto’s disease.

Shimmer or Beverly, she/her, is a married mama of one 4 year old goblin, trying to be a writer and a maternal mental health advocate and not feel too guilty about all the privilege she’s carrying and instead trying to do something positive with gratitude. Severely anxious, she was hospitalized twice after her son’s birth for suicidal ideation & PTSD symptoms. She smokes weed for both therapeutic and recreational reasons. She also loves cosplay and Star Wars, too.

SOCIALS: Twitter: @shimmersing


The “Words to Your Mother” talk show on twitch includes segments for Actual Pro’s, Relateably Unfiltered (non-pro guests) and MHM (normal me doing research/discussing)… The goal, as always, is to normalize mental health conversations until even your mom “gets it.”


Originally aired LIVE on twitch November 25, 2019 – come join the community and tune in every M/W/F for new mental health talks, well-being & wine wednesdays, questing, gaming and lots of laughs:

Words To Your Mother (MHM) aims to hold relate-able conversations in a peer-supported, non-judgmental environment. I aim to own my story with the understanding that well-being is a lifelong journey and that I am (and other people are!!) more than my challenges and diagnosis. The only normal people are the ones you don’t know very well!


mommafoxfire is a mental health advocate and variety gaming streamer on twitch!

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