Mental Toughness: Bundle Bipolar Disorder, PTSD Recovery, Stress Management and Anger Management

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This audio bundle includes four audiobook:
Bipolar Disordercovers:

What is mental health?
Different mental health disorders
Early warning signs of mental health illnesses
What is bipolar disorder and how to watch for signs of psychosis
Bipolar disorder symptoms, causes and risks
Different bipolar disorder types and their symptoms
Self-help bipolar disorder survival guide

PTSD Recoverycovers:

What is trauma and how different people deal with traumatic events
Psychological and emotional trauma
How our brain reacts to trauma and different emotional and physical symptoms of trauma
Different signs and symptoms of PTSD
Main causes and risk factors of PTSD
Effective self-help strategies for dealing with PTSD symtpoms

Stress Managementcovers:

What is stress?
What is the fight and flight stress coping mechanism
How stress affects our body and mind
Different stress types, causes and symptoms
Stress diagnosis and stress treatment
Self-help stress management tips and techniques
Different relaxation and calming techniques
How to revive yourself by embracing mindfulness

Anger Managementcovers:

How anger is connected with violence and hostility
What are the consequences of unexpressed, hidden anger
The nature of anger and issues connected with anger
Anger as it relates to physical and mental health risks
What causes anger and different anger types
How anger affects the brain and body
Strategies and tips on how to keep your anger under control
Anger management self-help techniques and strategies


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