I see that alot of people of color are coming out and talking about mental iisues that people of color has to deal with. and I appreciate the fact, that we are speaking with professional and want help. But to help us we must first address the cat in the room. We must address root and foundation of it all. The Root is call PTSS(POST TRAMATIC SLAVE SYNDROME)We can’t act like what they did to us isn’t the major cause of our mental health. We can’t act like the system that is in place is for us to be stress, is to keep us depress, have anxiety and all the other mental iisues that people of color are diagnosed with. Let me make this clear this isn’t a cry for help, this is a eye opener to first my people and also to thoses benefiting off our struggle. Yes we suffer from these problem and medication isn’t the answer. The answer is fixing the core root and that’s POST-TRAUMATIC SLAVE SYNDROME.

Source: Youtube