Michael DeVenney, President of WorkInsights Talks About His Experience with PTSD and Mental Health

Michael DeVenney, President of Halifax-based WorkInsights (www.workinsights.io), began researching entrepreneurial mental health after his own depression and anxiety forced him to sell two businesses. His research led to him founding ‘The Mindset Project’ (www.themindsetproject.ca) which empowers entrepreneurs to talk about and manage their mental health as well as provides tools to support founders in the growth of their business. Though he knows the warning signs, he says he’s been affected by the stress of the pandemic and has had to make it a priority to use coping strategies and manage his mental health. DeVenney says entrepreneurs feel the weight of their personal and business stresses combined and it’s hard to separate the two. He hopes to challenge stigma and promote open conversation about the mental health struggles many entrepreneurs face.

Download the BDC report on entrepreneur mental health and wellness at https://www.bdc.ca/en/about/analysis-research/canadian-entrepreneur-mental-health-well-being-report

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