Mind/Body Technique to Avoid Colitis Flare – Lazer Tapping

Can Lazer Tapping help your disease from flaring? This was a FANTASTIC question I received from one of my Lazer Tapping course members, and the answer is…YES. Absolutely! Flares are often linked to stress, so whatever your disease is (whether it’s fibromyalgia, colitis, MS, Lupus, etc.) – it’s gonna have a stress component!

In this video I address HOW Lazer Tapping can help deter a flare up, as well as other helpful tools to help you tackle that stress and really get to the root-cause of what is ACTUALLY causing you stress. You don’t wanna miss this! 🙂

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I set up this course to teach YOU how to be your own healer – so you didn’t have to pay a therapist for a session every time something arises that needs healing. When I learned how to tap, I tapped continually for 2 years and 15 years later it is still a cornerstone therapy for my excellent health and ability to thrive. Save the professionals for the big stuff, and learn how to heal your own pain, anxiety, fear, worry etc. as it arises. Come do a free session with me and see what you think!

Source: Youtube