MIND MATTERS: Anxiety – Resolving trauma / PTSD

Dr. Laurie Cestnick
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This is a short video discussing what you need to do to remove trauma / PTSD from your body, mind, and emotions. In short, you need to replace the traumatic feelings with neutral or other more helpful emotions. To do this, you MUST never avoid thinking about what happened, but instead immerse yourself in it while in a state of relaxation, forgiveness and peace. It’s not corny, it works. PTSD emotions are so strong that you need to repeat the exercises described in here over and over again for the emotion to be replaced with another (neutrality, peace or even contentment — but minimally, “no emotion” to the triggers that set up PTSD currently).

The key is not avoid and to hit the trauma head on with repeated practice every single day.

We know this works.

Try it!

Please get a therapist to work with should you need some guidance or reach out for more info.

Please report back regarding your progress.

Good days to all!


Dr. Laurie Cestnick

Source: Youtube