Mind Over Matter: Addressing Worker Mental Health & Resilience through COVID-19

Panelists: Farinaz Havaei, Jonny Morris, Karen Biggs & Michelle Embury
Moderator: Jennifer Lyle

With the COVID-19 pandemic extending into a “third wave,” the mental health of continuing care workers has been stretched to the breaking point.

Frontline workers have coped with rising death rates, massive workloads, and limited access to personal protective equipment, all while grappling with their own personal risk of contracting the virus or bringing it home to their family. Managers and leaders too have been stretched to the limit, juggling outbreak cases and deaths, dwindling numbers of staff, PPE shortages, and visitor restrictions.

The mental health impacts of these burdens have been numerous – including grief, anxiety, fear, depression, burnout, insomnia, stress and even post-traumatic stress disorder. Yet despite these challenges, each of our team members have come to work each day striving to provide the best possible care and support to vulnerable seniors.

Join us for an in-depth examination of the mental health challenges faced by our healthcare workers during the coronavirus pandemic, as well as their strength and resilience in light of these challenges. Our panelists will discuss organization- and system-level strategies to mitigate this pending mental health crisis, as well as how we can better support our workforce going forward.

Source: Youtube