MUSTACHIO.ART – Painting Marc Chagall's "Bonjour Paris" by mustache

This was the first commission I took on after launching my mustache painting fundraiser. The buyer requested Marc Chagall’s “Bonjour Paris”, which was far more detailed than anything I had yet tried to paint with my mustache. It ended up taking about 15 hours spread out over a week, but it was totally worth it because of the funds and awareness it raised for the cause 😊

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All proceeds are donated to the Movember Foundation.

—– The Cause —–
From cancers to mental health issues like depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, I grew up watching the men in my life cope with various conditions. During high school, 2 of my seemingly happy peers committed suicide. Still, it took me well into my twenties to start wondering why the guys around me – and myself – weren’t talking about these issues.

I now have 3 boys of my own, and I would love for them to grow up in a world where men openly discuss their health and dare to reach out for help when they need it. That’s why I support Movember.

Source: Youtube