MWO LeBlanc Award Video

MWO Lizette LeBlanc the 2021 Captain Nichola Goddard Leadership Winner, accepts her much deserved Award at the Ottawa Conference on Security and Defence.

The Captain Nichola Goddard Award was created to recognize and honour a young Canadian innovator and trailblazer who has made an inspiring early or mid-career contribution to Canadian security and defence.

Captain Nichola Goddard’s name was chosen for this award, because her leadership and courage in the face of adversity, changed how we as a country viewed women in combat roles. Her willingness to lead with confidence and take the same risks as the other soldiers in combat made her the first Canadian female soldier to make the ultimate sacrifice in battle (in Afghanistan on 17 May 2006). She was not the first woman in combat for Canada, others made the same decision, but she was the first killed in action. This award pays tribute to the courage of all the men and women in combat who take the same risks, and honours all our fallen soldiers.

The Captain Nichola Goddard award is about remembering the leadership qualities of Nichola Goddard, her character and her vibrant spirit.

The award is intended to celebrate men and women who break barriers every day, and who live and succeed by the same values that Nichola demonstrated: inclusivity, commitment, courage, and valour.

Source: Youtube