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hey guys!! WELCOME TO MY FIRST VIDEO OF 2019! in today’s video, I reflect on the past year, and discuss lots of goals for the new year!! BUT, the twist is that this is a mukbang…with an anorexia fear food. If you’re unsure as to what I’m talking about, 2018 was largely consumed by my mental illnesses and treatments for them. In particular, the second half of the year was consumed by my eating disorder and my recovery from that. I have a video all about my experiences with that, which you can find here:

Otherwise, this resolution rant – which i worked very hard on – all of these thoughts, goals, and ideas are what I, and potentially many of you, will be working on/towards in this new year, this fresh start. The goal of this video was to really inspire all of you, and express my thoughts. Thank you for watching, wish me luck, and I wish all of you luck. Love you!



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