My Experience Intro- C-PTSD, Narcissistic Abuse, Empowerment, Sexual Abuse, Mental Health Stigma

This is my first ever upload (basically.) I begin by sharing my experiences and introducing the topics of C-PTSD and Narcissistic Abuse. I shed a little bit of light into the world of mental health referencing symptoms from disorders such as Ocd, Adhd, Depression, Bipolar, Borderline, Ect! Ect!

I wanted to do this because my online mentors such as Richard Grannon, The Little Shaman, and Inner Integration (and more! :)) were what/who helped me to understand and make sense of what I was going through. (Even after seeing counselors and psychiatrists!)

And so I thought that I, too, might have something to contribute and add!

I hope my efforts to share what I have learned benefit you in some way!
To infinity and beyond young grasshoppers!

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